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Sun Kids

by Spaceface

Sun Kids

Full Length LP

"Sun Kids is definitely a feel-good record, psychedelic in its spirit of sonic exploration, but firmly grounded by a tight rhythm section and occasional acoustic guitar hooks. "We all wanted to have a sort of earthy quality," Ingalls says. "I know our name's Spaceface, but we talked extensively about wanting to make something that sounded like it was from this plane of existence." With shimmering, clean guitar lines and high-and-lonesome vocals dancing over the aforementioned rhythm-section groove, Sun Kids has more in common with MGMT's Oracular Spectacular or Dr. Dog's Be the Void than with any of the sprawling jam bands who currently wave the tie-dyed flag of psychedelia. Most of the songs on Sun Kids clock in at around four-and-a-half minutes and have been tooled to pop precision. Sun Kids feels fated to become the soundtrack to many Frisbee-themed trips to Shelby Farms. It's an album that implies a narrative, hints at a story, and the story is a little wild, a little weird, and quintessentially Memphis."

-The Memphis Flyer

"When Jake Ingalls started Spaceface in 2011, the goal was simply to be a cosmic garage act with curious and enticing song structures. But just a year later the band was brought into The Flaming Lips’ fold of Fearless Freaks, appearing on their King Crimson cover album. A year after that, and Ingalls was officially a touring member of Wayne Coyne’s outfit. All that time around one of the weirdest and most transcendent bands in America changed Ingalls’ impetus for Spaceface. It wasn’t just about being the odd little psych act anymore; it was about creating an experience. The band kept its trippy ’70s disposition, but leveled it out with glimmering harmonies and stacked hooks. It’s all culminated six years after their formation with their forthcoming debut full-length, Sun Kids, due out early in 2017."

–Consequence of Sound

"The track emits the positive vibes we all need to soak up as we trudge through the cold, simultaneously setting us up for a voyage to another world.."

–Paste Magazine on Sun KiDS

"Memphis six-piece Spaceface is led by Jake Ingalls, a touring guitarist and keyboardist of The Flaming Lips, which makes a lot of sense the second one puts on today’s featured song. “Sun Kids” is hazy, psychedelic pop music, elegantly composed. It may be these tumultuous times, and the fact that so much protest music was being made during periods of similar unrest, like the ’60s, that when Ingalls and band sing about “children of the sun” it seems they’re making political and social commentary. Yet, even while rock ‘n’ roll has always confronted injustice, it’s also a form of escapism from ugly realities. As Spaceface’s soundscapes and extended dreamy harmonies float around your headphones, it’s easy to forget the fact that it’s a truly bizarre 2017 so far"

–KEXP on Sun Kids